Discover the Flavours of Summer in El Médano

Discover the Flavours of Summer in El Médano by staying with Pillow Abroad, your best choice just a click away.

The warmth of the sun caresses the coast and the aroma of the salty sea mingles with the tempting fragrance of freshly prepared dishes. Welcome to "Sensaciones Sabores de Verano", the eagerly awaited gastronomic event held annually in the town of El Médano.

Known for its golden sandy beaches and breathtaking scenery, El Médano is a paradise for lovers of sun and beach tourism. However, during the summer months, this picturesque coastal town becomes a real attraction for lovers of good food.

"Summer Flavours Sensations" is the event that everyone is looking forward to. From locals to tourists, everyone comes together for a culinary feast of tapas and wines celebrating the local foodie market. Pillow Abroad offers accommodation in Médano for guests looking for unique experiences.

In addition, the festive and welcoming atmosphere of "Sensaciones Sabores de Verano" is a spectacle in itself. Live music, activities for the whole family and cultural shows enliven the streets and create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Without a doubt, "Sensaciones Sabores de Verano" is an experience that combines the best of tourism and local gastronomy. Come and enjoy this culinary festival in El Médano, where your senses will be delighted with unique and authentic flavours under the warm summer sun. We are waiting for you with open arms for an unforgettable experience in this paradisiacal corner of the Canary Islands. "Rest, explore and live", Pillow Abroad, your home in Tenerife.